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The Humble Hustler Story

Created and constructed in Los Angeles by Parminder Gyani and Paola Linares, Humble Hustler’s exclusive streetwear brand reflects the rhythms, moods, and tones of the coming style revolution. Effortless in its presentation. Timeless in its style. We believe the 21st Century Hustler creates their opportunities through authenticity, originality and a keen eye on the future.

That’s why Humble Hustler isn’t just a label, it represents a new generation and lifestyle. If you’re dedicated to independence, success and hard work, then Humble Hustler is dedicated to you. From our expressive fitted Tees to our best selling hoodies made from and organic fabrics, we’ll help you look your best until everyone knows your name.

Hustling for a cause.


15% of all proceeds go to Your Guardian Angel Foundation.


Paola Linares was born in Venezuela, in the city of Coro, in the state of Falcon. Her father who had a thriving career as captain of oil tankers for PDVSA, what used to be the country’s backbone and South America’s leading oil industry. During an oil strike in 2002, Venezuelan opposition attempt to overthrow President Hugo Chávez from power by creating an oil lockout. Her father was among the opposition leaders, who strongly believed in a new referendum to stop government corruption. As a result, his assets were illegally seized and confiscated. Paola’s family feared for their safety, and sought political asylum in the United States, settling in Orlando, Florida. When she finished college, Paola left the east coast for California to realize her dream becoming a designer, and continued her education for her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Soon after, she partnered with Founder of Humble Hustler, Parminder Gyani, to share her vision of style and fashion with the world. As their business grew, she took a trip back to her homeland, and saw the hardship her friends and family were enduring on a daily basis. That’s when she decided to help her fellow countrymen, women and children in need. She created the charitable foundation, Your Guardian Angel and with your help, Humble Hustler will continue show the people of Venezuela that they’re not alone.

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