As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela intensifies, Humble Hustler is leading the charge in charitable donations to a country on the brink of collapse. Through this non-profit charity, Your Guardian Angel Foundation, Creative Director and Venezuelan native Paola Linares along with Founder Parminder Gyani, are donating 15% of all Humble Hustler sales to the citizens of her native land. With each purchase you make from Humble Hustler, you’re not only declaring your dedication to style, but you’re also helping a worthy cause.

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Since the early 20th Century, Venezuela’s stability has depended on exploiting its oil reserves, which generated billions in revenue each year. In 1998, communist firebrand, Hugo Chavez, was elected president by pledging to use oil profits for crucial social programs and promote government spending on domestic industrial sectors. However, after years of corruption, oil prices plummeted, and Venezuelans were unable to afford the basic necessities for survival. A once burgeoning, vibrant economy lost steam, and its people began to suffer.

As of 2017, floundering oil prices continue to cause economic chaos in Venezuela. Food shortages have resulted in endless lines for basic necessities, and the recent drought has made fresh water scarce. Government offices are open only two days a week to save electricity. In a number of cities, protesters have clashed with security forces, demanding change. Current President Nicolás Maduro has presided over huge opposition gains in the government while failing to capture popularity as living standards worsen, and crime, inflation, and hunger increase. The referendum put forth to recall Maduro has been largely ignored.

Monthly protests have turned into daily riots where many Venezuelans have been murdered fighting for their basic human rights. Shortages of medicine and food have finally driven organizations from around the world to offer assistance, but Maduro refuses to admit that the crisis even exists. Recently, the United States labeled Maduro a dictator, froze his U.S. assets, and banned him from entering the country. While the corrupt government of Venezuela consolidates power, its citizens are dying. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein states Venezuela has seen a “dramatic decline in the enjoyment of economic and social rights, with increasingly widespread hunger and sharply deteriorating health care.”


During a recent visit to Venezuela, The Humble Hustler team personally witnessed the devastation of this country and decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to helping the citizens of Venezuela. Your Guardian Angel Foundation receives donations of medicine, clothes, food, and many other essential products and ships them to those in need. In addition, 15% of all Humble Hustler sales go to purchasing and shipping these basic necessities to those Venezuelans who need them. Your donation and/or purchase will feed a child, bring insulin to a diabetic, and antibiotics to the sick.


Paola Linares was born in Venezuela, in the city of Coro, in the state of Falcon. Her father had a thriving career as captain of oil tankers for PDVSA, what used to be the country’s backbone and South America’s leading oil industry. During an oil strike in 2002, the Venezuelan opposition attempted to overthrow President Hugo Chávez from power by creating an oil lockout. Her father was among the opposition leaders, who strongly believed in a new referendum to stop government corruption. As a result, his assets were illegally seized and confiscated. Paola’s family feared for their safety, and sought political asylum in the United States, settling in Orlando, Florida. When she finished college, Paola left the east coast for California to realize her dream of becoming a designer and continued her education for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Soon after, she partnered with the Founder of Humble Hustler, Parminder Gyani, to share her vision of style and fashion with the world. 

As their business grew, she took a trip back to her homeland and saw the hardship her friends and family were enduring on a daily basis.   That’s when she decided to help her fellow countrymen, women, and children in need. She created the charitable foundation, Your Guardian Angel and with your help, Humble Hustler will continue to show the people of Venezuela that they’re not alone.

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